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The Brazilian Box Midfield i gruppen DVD / Äldre DVD hos Bobo-Konen (08-889)
Finns även som bok.

The Brazilian Box Midfield

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Artnr: 08-889


Brazil’s system of play is famous for its version of the 4-4-2, which utilizes the “Box Midfield”. Carlos Alberto Parreira, Brazil’s current coach, won the 1994 World Cup in the USA with a “Box Midfield. Parreira's 2006 Brazil team also utilizes the same system, which he refers to as the “Magic Square".

Other teams that have used the "Box Midfield" are: Brazil National Team 1982, Brazil National Team 1994, Sao Paulo FC 1992/1993, SE Palmeiras 1996, Cruzeiro EC 2003, Santos FC 2002 & 2004. Most recently Wanderley Luxemburgo comes home from Real Madrid to win the Paulista League 2006 with a "Box "Midfield".

Although mostly used as part of a 4-4-2 formation, the Brazilian teams often use the “Box Midfield” when having three or five midfield players. This flexibility is one of its strengths and makes it difficult for the opposition to handle.


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