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FC Barcelona Training Sessions i gruppen Böcker / Spanien hos Bobo-Konen (B018-1)
FC Barcelona Training Sessions

FC Barcelona Training Sessions

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Artnr: B018-1


FC Barcelona Training Sessions
160 Practices from 34 Tactical Situations
Learn to Coach your Team the 'Barca Way'

This special book is in FULL COLOUR book contains tactical and technical exercises that have been formulated from the tactical situations which are presented in the book ‘FC Barcelona: A Tactical Analysis - Attacking and Defending’.

This book has 2 main aims:
1. To deeply analyse how and why Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, possibly the best team of all time, used their specific tactics in different game situations.
2. Provide you with a training session for each tactical situation with progressive practices.

This gives you an exclusive guide on how you can coach your team the exact phases of play used by FC Barcelona.

Boken är på 244 sidor och beskriver bl.a. 34 träningspass med 160 övningar.

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