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MasterCoach 2-The Complete Goalkeeper i gruppen DVD / Målvaktsträning hos Bobo-Konen (WC133DVD)

MasterCoach 2-The Complete Goalkeeper

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Artnr: WC133DVD


This DVD features two experts; England Soccer Team Psychologist Bill Beswick and Middlesbrough, English Premier League, goalkeeping coach Paul Barron. Together, they examine goalkeeping talent from five inter-related perspectives:
  • physical qualities
  • technical skills
  • tactical intelligence
  • mental & emotional strengths
  • lifestyle discipline, (highlighted in an interview with Mark Schwartzer – Middlesbrough & Australia`s No. 1 Goalkeeper)

Elements of the complete goalkeeper are identified in key points using film clips from recent English Premier League games while a special feature in the technical skills section is a condensed 20 minute training session with Paul Barron and the Middlesbrough goalkeepers.

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