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 STRENGTH TRAINING BOOKS FOR  GOALKEEPERS i gruppen Böcker / Målvaktsträning hos Bobo-Konen (BK-001)


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Artnr: BK-001


In this Strength Training Book Series, ex-professional footballer and renowned strength coach Paul Webb distils over 20 years of knowledge into books designed to train athletes to become stronger, faster, more explosive, and more resistant to injury.

The method Paul uses is simple, and focused, yet extremely effective and unlike the vast majority of training programmes available has - at its core - the health of the athlete front and centre!

Discover how to put all the pieces in place to become the strongest, most powerful, mentally strong, and hostile athlete you can possibly be!

Please Note: There is a level of content overlap between books in this series, so please choose the most appropriate book for you.
About The Books

> Understand what you need to do to become the Strongest and Best Conditioned athlete you can be

> Each book details Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Training and Full Body Programmes

> Dozens of exercises including Goblet Squats, Sumo Deadlifts and Turkish Get Ups explained so you can start getting strong fast

> Each book contains more than 200 photos that show you how to complete individual exercises

> Dedicated Content on Nutrition and Supplements

> Learn All About The 'Forgotten Workout' - Recovery!

> Recognise the Importance of Mental Strength in Achieving Your Goals
   Boken är på 220 sidor

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