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Spelare för målvaktsträning, 205 cm i gruppen Träningsprodukter / Mannequin hos Bobo-Konen (SA205)
Spelare för målvaktsträning, 205 cm

Spelare för målvaktsträning, 205 cm

1795 kr
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Artnr: SA205



205 cm stor är denna "spelaren" som används för bl.a. målvaktsträning, då man ex. vill ha spelare som skymmer målvakten. Spelaren är uppblåbar och nedre delen fylls delvis med vatten för att stå så säkert som du vill. Vikt cirka 10 kg, passar för alla underlag.

                                       Users Instruction

Inflatable dummies are entirely made with soft PVC: there are no rigid parts,

So these products are absolutely safe.

First, you have to inflate your dummy ( not completely, you have to keep it soft). Then, by keeping it lying on the floor, you have to fill the tank with water:

when the dummy rises up, close the valve and place it upright.

For dummies 205cm, high the water level must reach just over the valve

(while for dummies 175cm, high the tank can be filled completely).

If you want your dummy to rise up more quickly when hit, add some water

and inflate the body a little more. In this case, let the dummy lie on the floor for a while and let some air out from the tank (the base must be flat, not rounded)

Dummies can be used both on natural and artificial grass, on turf, gym floors etc.

Two side handles made of soft PVC are very useful to carry your dummy around: it is important to always lift your dummy when you need to move it

(never pull it!) so the PVC base dosen´t get scratched.

When temperature is close to 0 degrees, it is necessary to add some alcohol inside the base (or some antifreeze liquid).

It is also available a kit for repair when inflatable dummies get damaged because

used in wrong ways, in example when they are torn apart by players kicking with their studs against them.  

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