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Total Soccer Conditioning i gruppen Böcker / Taktik/Teknik hos Bobo-Konen (10555)

Total Soccer Conditioning

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Artnr: 10555


Total Soccer Conditioning: A Ball-Orientated Approach is a book born from the frustrations of its author, strength and conditioning trainer Justin Cresser, and other coaches at not having enough time to train both conditioning and technique. When you only have one or two coaching sessions a week, you have to make tough choices about which to focus on. But in a game as physically demanding as soccer this puts coaches between a rock and a hard place.

To address the problem, Cresser created a methodology on how coaches, at every level, can combine physical exercise with technical training. The result is Total Soccer Conditioning: A Ball-Orientated Approach, a book aimed at coaches, strength and conditioning trainers and athletes that want to maximize their practice time and add variety to their conditioning, functional or technical training sessions.

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