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80 Attacking Combinations, Finishing, Positional, Patterns of Play i gruppen Böcker / Taktik/Teknik hos Bobo-Konen (ST-BO62-1)

80 Attacking Combinations, Finishing, Positional, Patterns of Play

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Artnr: ST-BO62-1


Jürgen Klopp

80 Attacking Combinations, Finishing, Positional Patterns of Play, Transition & SSGs Direct from Klopp’s Training Sessions - Vol. 2

Learn, and apply Jürgen Klopp’s exact training methods direct from his Liverpool training sessions, so your team can reproduce his highly successful high tempo attacking and counter-pressing style of play.

Following the hugely popular Volume 1 book, Volume 2 provides you with another rare opportunity to learn from an additional 80 Jürgen Klopp Practices taken directly from Liverpool’s Training Sessions.

Among other great practices included in this book, find out how Jürgen Klopp trains his team with high tempo multi-ball patterns of play, attacking combinations, finishing drills and transition games. They are a fundamental training element for Liverpool’s attacking intensity and this is your chance to replicate Klopp’s all-action high tempo attacking and constant pressure style of play.

Jürgen Klopp 80 Practices Include:

  • 11 Attacking Positional Patterns of Play
  • 3 Attacking Positional Patterns of Play + Counter-Pressing (2-Balls)
  • 5 Positional Patterns of Play with 2nd/3rd Ball Attacks
  • 19 Attacking Combinations & Finishing
  • 16 Multi-Ball Attacking Combinations & Finishing
  • 14 Small to Large Sided Games
  • 12 Multi-Ball Transition Games
  • The 80 Practices included in this book are all taken directly from Klopp's training sessions with Liverpool F.C. between 2016 and 2022.

    Use these Practices to Help:

    • Develop your players to think, react, and play quicker
    • Create chances in various attacking situations
    • Train your players to score from a variety of positions/angles
    • Replicate the intensity and speed of a competitive match
    • Coach your team to attack + counter-press + attack!

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