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Creative Attacking Play i gruppen Böcker / Taktik/Teknik hos Bobo-Konen (ST-B041)

Creative Attacking Play

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Artnr: ST-B041

60 Tactical Analysis including:

  • Arsène Wenger: Receiving the Ball within Available Space in the Centre Against One/Two Forwards
  • Jurgen Klopp: No.10 Drops Back to Act as a 'Link Player' & Move the Ball to the Free Player in the Final Third
  • Diego Simeone: Potential Overloads Created by the Wingers Moving Inside
  • Massimiliano Allegri: Exploiting Space in Behind with Quick Passing Combination
  • Antonio Conte: Attacking Options to Exploit a 5 v 4 Situation in the Final Third
  • Jose Mourinho: The Winger on the Strong Side Shifts Inside and Creates an Overload

42 Practices & Variations (6 Extensive Sessions) including:

  • Build-Up to Receive Between the Lines and Attack in a Functional Practice
  • Reading the Tactical Situation to Play the Ball Forward in a Functional Practice
  • Reading the Tactical Situation to Pass in Between the Lines or in Behind in a Restricted Game
  • Creating & Exploiting Space Out Wide with the Winger Dropping Back in Between the Lines
  • Creating & Exploiting an Overload with a Forward Shifting Across in a Zonal Game
  • Reading the Tactical Situation when Creating an Overload with a Winger in a Functional Practice


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